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Bernard Ranches Oranges, 10 LBS

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Product Description

For Residents Outside of California
Please fill out this form and we’ll contact you with the shipping cost options to get some juicy and delicious heirloom frost Valencias from Bernard Ranches delivered to your door.

This 10-pound box of sweet and juicy heirloom frost Valencia oranges grown by Bernard Ranches in Riverside, CA is perfect for juicing or eating.
Vince and Vicki Bernard bought their first citrus grove in the early 80's and use all natural growing and planting processes. They place flavor ahead of appearance and pick breeds that produce only the most delicious fruit.

When they told us how many oranges were at risk of going to waste because of reduced purchasing from other vendors during the COVID-19 crisis, we said-- “We’ll sell them for you!” And here they are. Enjoy eating sunshine and vitamin C. Your purchase supports our B Corp mission to fight hunger and support sustainable agriculture.