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Cuyama Orchards Apples, 6-lbs

SKU: Cuyama Orchards Apples, 6-lbs
The Albano family started their apple orchard in 1992 when Howard and Jean first planted Nagafu Fuji apples from Japan. Now in its second generation with son Byron and family, Cuyama Orchards is certified organic and grows more than 10 varieties of delicious apples, including heirloom Arkansas Black apples. The pandemic has dramatically affected their farm business. Sales have fallen due to the closure of restaurants, slowing of farmers markets, and reductions in orders.  The FruitGuys has been buying unique and delicious apples from Cuyama for many years.  When they told us about their plight, we said, we’ll sell your apples online in addition to buying them for our boxes. You can support Cuyama Orchards by buying their delicious bagged apples!

What's Inside

  • Two 3-lb bags of freshly harvested apples 
  • Roughly 15-20 apples total
  • Delivered in a box