Harvest Mix

Starting at $42.00
SKU: Harvest Mix
Starting at $42.00
Our most popular and our widest variety of fruit, plus bananas. Each week our expert buyers source the best fruit available, including heirloom, unique, and exotic fruit, to create a special regional mix, sourcing from local farms whenever possible. Your purchase supports our B Corp mission to fight hunger and support sustainable agriculture.
What's Inside
  • Seasonal fruit: may include stone fruit, grapes, berries, or mini-melons; exotics or heirlooms; apples, citrus, pears, and bananas  
  • Changes with the seasons
  • May include certified-organic fruit at no additional cost 
  • 100% non-GMO fruit

Size Guide
  • Small (16+ Servings), ideal for 3-10 fruit fans weekly
  • Medium (25+ Servings), ideal for 10-18 fruit fans weekly
  • Large (50+ Servings), ideal for 18-35 fruit fans weekly

Exceptional Flavor
We pride ourselves on delivering fruit with exceptional flavor. We send our buyers to visit farms, meet farmers, and taste fresh produce at its peak before we buy it. Sometimes our fruit may be smaller and less cosmetically perfect than what you see in a supermarket. Smaller does not mean lesser! Smaller fruit often has less water in it but the same amount of sugar as larger fruit, resulting in a much richer taste. 

Why servings? 
We use servings because fruit varies in size from farm to farm and season to season so the actual number of pieces of fruit in your box will vary. Generally, one piece of fruit is equal to one serving, but there may be 2 pieces to a serving for small fruit like tangerines or apricots; while a clamshell of berries is counted as 2–3 servings and a bag of grapes may be 4–6 servings.