Staples Mix

$30.00 to $69.00
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$30.00 to $69.00
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Product Description

A mix of bananas, apples, and oranges. We offer different varieties of seasonal apples, citrus, and a surprise fruit when available by season. We identify all the fruit along with the growing region every week. See what's in this week's mix.

About What's Inside
  • Apples, Citrus, Bananas a Seasonal Surprise!
  • Supports Small Farms
  • Directly Sourced
  • Conventional & Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Activities, Health & Recipe Sheets
Size Guide
  • Small (16+ Servings), Ideal for 3-10 fruit fans weekly
  • Medium (25+ Servings), Ideal for 10-18 fruit fans weekly
  • Large (50+ Servings), Ideal for 18-35 fruit fans weekly