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We believe that wellness grows on trees. We believe that making that wellness available at work, at home at schools and as unique weekly gifts is key to making America healthy again. We believe that supporting small family farms that value sustainability is an important and worthy pursuit. We believe in fruit; in vegetables, in environmentally friendly and reusable/recyclable packaging. We believe in consistent commitment to fulfilling our client's needs. We hope you will allow us to serve you. We've developed four product lines over the last 12 years to reach people where they work, live, learn and inspire others.


The FruitGuys fresh fruit delivered to offices is more than just fruit—it’s the healthy choice for companies and employees. Our office fruit program starts with regular deliveries of farm-fresh fruit to replace break room junk food. Then we help build strong teams through our free walking club kit, online wellness education, and a take-home fruit and veggie program that can be offered directly to employees as an added wellness benefit. Whether you receive our organic fruit delivery mixes or conventional ones, The FruitGuys can make your employee benefits package come alive with health. The FruitGuys fruit—a healthy snack that’s good for everyone’s bottom line.


We deliver fresh fruit to individuals at work and at home. Our mixes are delivered to you in a briefcase-style recyclable and easy-to-carry case.


We deliver fresh fruit (and veggies too) to schools to provide healthy snacks for kids and teachers. We work with schools across the United States in the following ways.

  1. FFVP Grant: We supply fresh fruit, vegetables and educational materials in accordance with the USDA’s FFVP grant program. We also provide billing and accounting services that allow you to streamline your reporting requirements to meet the grant needs more efficiently.
  2. Classroom Fruit: We supply school classrooms with fresh, seasonal fruit to keep kids eating healthy during the day. Substituting fresh produce for soda, chips and cookies allows children to better focus on the learning at hand. We can work directly with parent sponsors, PTO/PTA groups, school district programs and with individual schools looking to create a healthy snacking initiative.
  3. School Fundraiser: We work with your school’s parent-teacher organization or PTA to develop fundraising initiatives for your school.
  4. DormSnack: College students can receive fresh fruit directly to their campus dorm when parents or friends sign them up with our DormSnack program.


Are you or your company looking for a unique healthy gift to co-brand, or would you like to include your own hand written note on company letterhead? Or, perhaps you are an individual who wants to send a truly memorable gift that incorporates unique products directly from regional farms. The FruitGuys offer several creative gift options that will impress your recipients while supporting the sustainable practices of our small family farm partners.